What are the top 10 achievements in the gaming industry being discussed in the news?

As an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to browse current news and select the top ten achievements. However, below are the 10 significant achievements in the gaming industry that gained precedence in recent years:

1. The emergence of cloud gaming platforms like Stadia, xCloud, and GeForce NOW.
2. Introduction of Virtual Reality (VR) technology that enhances gaming experience.
3. The growth of e-sports that has led to the development of gaming leagues, platforms, tournaments, and even high-profile global events.
4. Development of AI-powered games that learn, interact and make decisions based on the player’s actions.
5. Increasing accessibility features for gamers with disabilities like colorblind mode, subtitles, etc.
6. The continued advancement of mobile gaming, which has expanded the market.
7. The trend towards the creation of more sophisticated and cerebral story-driven games.
8. Improved graphics and console technology that enhances visual experience.
9. The rise of indie game development studios with games that challenge traditional, big budget games.
10. More significant representation and inclusivity in video games, including gender, race, and sexuality.