What are the top 10 fashion trends or designers making an impact on the global fashion industry?

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal views or preferences, but here is a list of 10 fashion trends or designers making a significant impact on the global fashion industry:

1. Sustainable fashion – increasingly gaining popularity and recognition among consumers.

2. Streetwear – from Supreme to Off-White, streetwear is a fashion trend that has grown to become a staple in the fashion industry.

3. Athleisure – another trend that is here to stay, athleisure is a casual fashion trend that combines athletic wear with everyday clothing.

4. Gender-neutral clothing – designers are creating clothing that straddles gender lines and addresses the shifting cultural norms around gender and identity.

5. Boho – the bohemian fashion trend continues to be popular among consumers who want to express their free-spirited personalities.

6. Minimalism – clean and uncluttered fashion designs that have a focus on the essentials.

7. Bright colors – bold and bright colors are making a comeback and designers are using them in their collections as a way to grab attention.

8. Logomania – brand logos on clothing may be controversial, but they’re still a favorite fashion trend among many consumers.

9. High-end streetwear – high-end brands have been investing in streetwear, and the trend continues to gain traction among consumers.

10. Viral fashion – clothing designs that have gone viral on social media are driving the fashion industry to create unique and attention-grabbing pieces.