What are the top 10 initiatives or campaigns for social justice and equality in the news?

As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs or perspectives, thus I cannot provide the top 10 initiatives or campaigns for social justice and equality according to my own opinion. However, below are some examples of social justice initiatives or campaigns that have recently been in the news:

1. Black Lives Matter movement and campaigns against police brutality.

2. #MeToo movement and fighting against sexual harassment and assault.

3. LGBTQ+ rights campaigns promoting equality and combatting discrimination.

4. Immigration rights campaigns aiming to provide a path to citizenship and reduce mistreatment against immigrants.

5. Climate change initiatives, focusing on reducing inequalities and fighting environmental racism.

6. Girls’ education campaigns, aiming to promote equality and increase educational opportunities for girls and women.

7. Campaigns to end human trafficking and modern slavery.

8. Advocacy for disability rights, promoting accessibility and equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

9. Mental health awareness and destigmatization campaigns, promoting support for individuals living with various mental health conditions.

10. Anti-poverty initiatives, aiming to reduce inequality and support individuals living in poverty.