Which 10 indigenous communities are making headlines for their contributions or struggles?

As an AI language model, I do not monitor current events on a daily basis and my responses are generated based on patterns within my training data. However, here are some Indigenous communities that have made headlines in recent times:

1. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: They gained global attention for their protests against the construction of the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota, which they believe would pose a threat to their water supply and sacred sites.

2. Māori: This Indigenous community in New Zealand has been in the limelight for decades, especially since the Waitangi Tribunal was established in 1975 to hear and settle grievances related to land and resources.

3. Mapuche: An Indigenous community in Chile and Argentina, the Mapuche have been demanding autonomy, land rights, and self-determination, and have faced violent repression from the state.

4. Sami Parliament: The Sami are an Indigenous people in Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia who have their own parliament and are fighting for their rights to language, land, and culture.

5. Inuit: This Indigenous community in the Arctic has been struggling to adapt to the impacts of climate change and resource development while maintaining their traditional way of life.

6. Navajo Nation: The Navajo Nation, the largest sovereign Indigenous nation in the US, has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, and has had to deal with issues related to water scarcity, energy development, and uranium contamination.

7. Guarani-Kaiowá: An Indigenous community in Brazil, the Guarani-Kaiowá have been fighting for their land rights and against violence from farmers, ranchers, and the government.

8. Yanomami: An Indigenous community in the Amazon of Brazil and Venezuela, the Yanomami face threats from mining, deforestation, and illegal invasions of their lands.

9. First Nations of Canada: First Nations across Canada have been making headlines for their efforts to reclaim their cultures and languages, protect their lands and waters, and demand justice for historical and ongoing injustices.

10. Saami: An Indigenous community in Europe primarily located in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, the Saami face multiple challenges such as discrimination, mining, nuclear waste storage and environmental destruction.