Which 10 marine conservation efforts or issues are making headlines?

1. Ocean plastic pollution: The massive accumulation of plastic debris in the ocean, and its impact on marine life, has become a major environmental concern.

2. Coral reef degradation: The loss of coral reefs worldwide due to climate change, overfishing, and pollution is a major threat to marine biodiversity.

3. Overfishing: Overfishing is a global problem, with many fisheries around the world being overexploited and depleted.

4. Climate change and ocean acidification: Rising temperatures and ocean acidification caused by increased carbon dioxide emissions are harming marine ecosystems, including corals, shellfish, and plankton.

5. Illegal wildlife trade: The illegal trade in marine species, such as sharks, sea turtles, and reef fish, is driving many species towards extinction.

6. Marine protected areas: The establishment of marine protected areas is an important tool for conserving marine biodiversity and protecting vulnerable species.

7. Plastic microbeads: The use of plastic microbeads in personal care products has come under scrutiny because they can enter the marine environment, harm marine life, and potentially enter the food chain.

8. Marine biodiversity loss: Many marine species are facing extinction due to habitat destruction, overfishing and other human impacts on marine ecosystems.

9. Whaling: Despite a global ban on commercial whaling, some nations continue to hunt whales, which can have significant impacts on populations and the marine food web.

10. Deep-sea mining: The exploration and extraction of minerals from the deep sea floor could have significant impacts on marine biodiversity and ecosystem function.