5 Dog Grooming Tips For Families

Brushing and grooming your dogs is one of the most important tasks in your dog care routine. It important that you don’t furrget to do this, otherwise, your pup may just look like a howling mess! Regularly grooming won’t just make your dog look amazing but is also a great opportunity to bond with them and even teach kids how to take care of the family dog. With that said, we will now look at our top tips. 

Brush Everyday

It is highly recommended that you brush your dog every day and it is best to start doing so from when they are a puppy. This will help them to get accustomed to the routine and they will even get excited at the sight of the brush. Your dog will also become more cooperative when this is done everyday which will make brushing much easier over time. This particular task can also be assigned to kids and it can help them to bond with their dog and learn to take on some of the responsibility of pet care. 

Select A High Quality Dog Brush

All dog brushes are not made equal and it is actually best to buy brushes that are suitable to your dog’s particular breed. If you don’t buy the right type of brush then this may cause you to scratch your dog’s skin or even cause too much pulling on your dog’s fur. So, if your dog has a very short coat, then a brush with bristles that are close together would be suitable whereas a dog with a long coat would need a brush with bristles that have more space between them. If you use a brush meant for short coated dogs on a long haired one, then this can cause severe pulling of their fur, pain and it may even pull out more fur than necessary leading to balding.

Watch The Water Temperature

When bathing your dog, you may be tempted to turn up the water heater, however, this is not advisable. Most dogs have very sensitive skin and you can easily burn or scald them. So, use lukewarm water when bathing to be safe. 

Use Quality Dog Shampoo

Unfortunately, many people think its fine to use human shampoo on their dogs. However, this should be avoided at all costs since human shampoo contains many ingredients that are not good for your furry friends. Instead, look for a quality dog shampoo and there are usually dozens available that come in various scents. You can also choose from options such as shampoo for sensitive skin, hypoallergenic, organic and more. 

Be Ready To Dry Off

You can use a combination of towels and a hair dryer to dry off your dog after a bath. However, it is important that you have everything you need readily available because you surely don’t want your dog to go galloping around your house or yard and leave a wet trail! So, be sure to have lots of towels nearby and be sure to use one for them for your dog to stand on so they don’t slip in the bath tub or tiles. When using the hair dryer, make sure that you use the low heat setting and don’t let it blow directly on your dog but rather tilt it a bit to avoid the direct heat from burning their skin. 


To wrap things up, we have just looked at 5 excellent grooming tips to make your pooch look pawtastic. If you’re looking for more dog information and even pet food UK, then be sure to check out Barking Heads.

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