A Simple Guideline for Choosing the Right Perfume

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People use fragrance to avoid body odor and make their surroundings enchanting. In the past, these were specifically used to keep the body well-scented and to fight against the annoying body smell. These are meant to keep you in a good mood and boost up your confidence. If you check the market, you can find thousands of brands offering the irresistible smell which will make the selection a tough job. Before buying a fragrance, you must be aware of the fact that all colognes do not match with your personality. Follow the notable tips concerning perfume selection and use the sharaf dg voucher code for getting the branded perfumes without unbalancing the budget.

Selection according to Fragrance Notes

Perfumes contain specific notes which are responsible to arouse a definite scent. There are the Base, Middle and Top layer of a note which work together to develop a smell.

  • You may find perfumes having Floral scent. Such perfumes are based on geranium, gardenia or rose.
  • Some notes give a bit fruity smell covering the apple, orange or citrus.
  • Spicy notes are present in Exotic perfumes, such as cinnamon or star anise.
  • Musk scents are usually preferred by men as they offer heavier and masculine tone.
  • Men also use smells that contain leather or pine as basic note.

Before choosing a perfume, one must know the right type of perfume and a detail about its base notes.

Selection on the basis of Concentration

There are four types of concentration. The price of a perfume depends on the level of concentration. The perfume will be expensive if it contains high concentration as it makes the smell more influential and to last for long time period. The colognes containing the highest concentration are known as “Parfum or Perfume”. If you spray just a drop on your wrist, it will give you fragrance the whole day. Get the sharaf dg voucher code to give these pricy perfumes as a valuable gift.

  1. Eau de Parfum is recognized as the perfume with 2nd level concentration. It will keep you enchanted for 6 hours.
  2. Eau de toilette contains the 3rd level concentration. Such perfumes are low-priced and within the range. You can find these affordable items in any retail store. You need to spray it twice or thrice to maintain the fragrance throughout the day.
  3. Eau de cologne is known as the 4th level concentration. These colognes have the lowest intensity of smell and it will retain just for two hours.

It is better to know your requirement and the intensity level before making the final decision. The human body has specified hormones which make minor and sometimes immensely changes in the smell of a perfume. Always spray new perfume on your skin and smell the exact fragrance after three to four minutes. It may happen that your chemical makeup can decrease or increase the intensity of the smell. To make your selection simple Sharaf DG offers men, women, Arabic, Luxury, and gift perfumes. Get sharaf dg voucher code and select the appropriate branded perfume.

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