Cannabis Cup – A Brief History

Have you ever heard of Cannabis Cup in Netherlands? Yes, this drug is so popular that there is even a festival that celebrates it, with music, competitions, exhibitions and seminars. The festival got so popular in Netherlands that it started to be held in the United States, particularly in the states where medicinal marijuana is legalized.

Cannabis Cup History

But, let’s take it from the beginning. The idea of the festival belongs to Steven Hager, a Dutch that in 1988 organized a kind of contest in Amsterdam for all cannabis growers that competed with each other to win the title for the best cannabis strain. With each year, the festival got bigger and more diverse. New varieties of cannabis started to appear that made the contest more captivating and attracted more visitors. The participants are judged by a team of professional judges that have expertise in the cultivation of cannabis and know all the aspects related to the right composition and physical aspect of the plant that suggest that the strain is of highest quality. The judges have to choose the best product in some cannabis varieties, including: sativa, indica and hybrid strain.

Besides best sativa and indica, Cannabis Cup holds competitions for the best booth, best glass as well as best hash, which is a resin extract of cannabis. Also, the judges choose the best Nederhash, a variety of hashish that is grown in Netherlands. The festival has many other activities that aim to entertain the visitors and provide new knowledge in cannabis cultivation. The visitors have the chance to take part in seminars where they can learn the basic principles of marijuana growth, new ways of consumption and how to set up and run a successful cannabis business, tips to choosing the right location for a cannabis club and how to decorate the interior so that the visitors get maximum pleasure while spending their time in the club.

After judges announce the winners of Cannabis Cup, visitors are invited to take part in a music concert and enjoy a wonderful atmosphere created by their favorite singers, also there is an exhibition that displays a myriad of varieties of cannabis strains, but also equipment and tools used to process cannabis. The festival got so popular in Netherlands that it started to be held also in the USA. The contest is held only in the states that passed the medical marijuana law, including Colorado, Michigan, and California.

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