Fashion Rules That All Baby Boomer Women Should Ignore

Lots of articles in fashion magazines are lists of what to wear or what not to wear when you reach a certain age.

Instead of creating more restrictions in your dressing, this article is about fashion advice I believe you need to ignore this year and probably for years after that.

Times change and today’s Baby Boomer women do not want to be restricted in their thinking about dressing and life. We are not stagnating. We are active, visible and embracing new technology while creating businesses and professions that allow us to grow and mentor women of all ages.

So here are my three pieces of fashion advice that Baby Boomer women need to ignore now and in the future.

Cover Up Your Arms After 40

I read this one often in magazines, newspapers and online. What rubbish! Yet we women buy into this and examine their arms for perceived faults they must hide. To me it is all part of the anti-aging monster that has been created to convince us women that we must stay looking young and perfect forever.

I recently saw a magazine article claiming that 36 is the magic, desirable age for women. Being suspicious, I think it is because they found a lot of photos of models and actresses who are 36.

My advice is to be the age you are and aim to be as healthy as possible. Wear sleeveless or cap-sleeved tops and dresses if they flatter your colouring and shape. If you feel confident in the clothes you wear, people will notice this first. Then they will come and talk to your face not your arms. Go for a variety of sleeve lengths to suit your professional and casual lifestyle. Do not buy baggy sleeves because they are dowdy, especially on shirts and jackets. They cover but they do not flatter any woman.

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