From Nuclear to Turbine Technology

The Tsunami that hits Japan on March 11, 2011 has caused a tremendous impact. The nuclear meltdowns are reported to be the biggest disaster in the history of nuclear energy. It released a very dangerous radioactive material all through the 12 miles radius. But that is not the worse. Long exposures to the radiation can cause the people of Fukushima district to have a terminally disease, such as cancer. It would take decades to decontaminate the surrounding areas. The event is a wakeup call for other country that use nuclear as their source energy to make their nuclear plant safer. Japan is considered to be one of the nations that prioritized its citizen safety through advanced technologies. But, when nature stroked; even the advanced and modern technology unable to prevent the disaster.

Sure, all efforts can be made to make every nuclear plant became safer. But, we have to ask ourselves; would we want that kind of technology next to our doorstep? It’s like having a ticking time bomb that is ready to erupt at any times. We have to search for an alternative energy that can replace the nuclear energy. Alternative energy like wind or solar energy is environment friendly and has unlimited resources. But, the cost of building that kind of energy is highly expensive.

Recently, Japan has made a breakthrough in wind turbine technology. It is called “wind lens”, an aerodynamic design in wind turbine that could triple the output of a typical wind turbine, making it less costly than nuclear energy. It stills a lot of work to do, because to produce energy identical to the nuclear power, we have to build millions of wind turbines.

There are also disadvantages using wind energy. The wind energy depends solely on the wind itself. So it cannot guarantee to provide the energy for all time. That is why wind energy is still considered to be unreliable. The other disadvantage is the noise pollution for the people around it.

There is an interesting scientist called Nikola Tesla, who invented the Tesla coil. The coils can produce great electricity. He used these coils to conduct experiments in the transmission of electrical energy without wires. “Wireless electricity”, that is a great concept. The question now, can scientists apply that method to produce electricity and replace the nuclear power?

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