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Many people have faced this issue that they didn’t get proper value for their car. When they apply for car pledge. The agent underrated the car values and give less amount than the value of the car. These are some of the problems that many people have faced while doing Car pledge [ รับจำนำรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai]. And it happened only because they get in touch with bad car pledging companies. A good car pledging company never does that. Because they know that after a certain time of period this customer will bring more customer. 

So, a good car pledging company will always give the correct price of the car. The customer need not worry about anything. The agent will check the car and will give the best amount as possible as can. But it also depends on car maintenance to get the best value.

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The amount will be transferred very soon 

The best part of car pledging is that the amount is transferred to the owner very soon. Like just one- or two-days maximum time required to process all the things.  All the processes like checking and agreement and other things will be completed in one or two days. After that the owner can expect the money soon. And don’t worry about getting the best price for the car. The right company will always give best value to the owner of the car. It’s just that the value depends upon the maintenance of the car.

Avoid getting in touch with fraud companies

The fraud company can be identified easily. They will give attractive offers to the customer who pledges their car with. But don’t get into the trap they will take the car. And will not give even a single penny.

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