How Feng Shui in the Home Improves Your Health

Feng Shui is an ancient science and means wind and water. These two elements when balanced properly bring good health, wealth and prosperity. Following the rules of Feng Shui helps create harmony and balance in the home. It not only creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere but also improves health. Paintings displayed on our walls have an effect on our health as we are continuously exposed to the vibrations of the piece of art.

Placement of furniture and allowing sunlight and pure air helps to enliven the atmosphere of the home and also leads to better health of the family members. The main principle is to have an uncluttered feel in the home. Furniture, equipments, accessories and plants go hand-in-hand and must be placed in a comfortable manner. ‘Chi’ or positivity comes through the main door and also fresh air is allowed inside and which moves in the whole house. Placement of healthy plants has an positive effect on health of inmates.

Dead plants, ugly and war paintings, negative emotions depicted in scenes must be avoided as they are detrimental to health. Clear lines and easy flowing movements in the home lead to good health and prosperity. The principles of Feng Shui help a person to follow own nature and the balance of five elements create an harmonious atmosphere which positively effects the psyche of an individual. Keeping home clutter free and avoiding negative energies from entering homes helps to maintain harmony in the home. Each individual must follow their own instincts instead of blindly following anyone’s advice.

Main principles of keeping everything clean, avoiding hoarding of old materials and goods, keeping all furniture in proper place and finally balancing all things in the home according to the five elements that is earth, fire, water, wind and metal helps to bring good health, luck and prosperity. Symbols of good health in Feng Shui also can be hung in form of paintings to encourage good ‘chi’ to enter and stay at our home. Symbols of healthy plants, dragons, bamboo plants bring good luck, health and prosperity. This ancient science can be used very effectively to promote good health and prosperity. It is also noted that ‘Health is Wealth’ thus keeping in mind certain principles of Feng Shui promotes good health and prosperity.

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