IPL Machines With FHR Technology

In January 2013 a new technology emerged in the field of IPL hair removal systems. Called FHR, meaning “Fast hair Removal” this new technology replaces E-Light with the newer F-Light. The main difference between these technologies is how the light photons are transmitted to the Chromophore.

Before we delve more deeply into this new technology, a brief history of IPL and how it has advanced. Most people know that IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is exactly that, very intense white light. The required wavelengths of light for the desired treatment are filtered out, leaving you with the exact colour needed.

IPL is a very flexible platform as it replaces the need for multiple laser systems that do the same job. Lasers are focused beams of specific colour, IPL is the whole spectrum of light and you just select the one you want by use of filters.

E-light replaced IPL a few years ago as a more effective platform. E-Light combines light and RF, which is also part of the electromagnetic spectrum, to give a more focused and gentler treatment. IPL can be slightly painful on light skin, but on dark skin, some treatments are just not possible due to burning and pain. E-Light provided the means to treat darker skins without pain by intensifying the results on the Chromophore without intensifying the power of the light.

Suddenly, hair removal and other treatments became possible for even the darkest skins, opening up a whole new and eager marketplace for the Beauty industry.

Recently, SHR technology was introduced as a faster way of offering treatments, but SHR is not without it’s own set of risks. SHR means “Super Hair Removal” and what it effectively does is pulse a number of times from 1 to 5 when you press the switch. The main issue with this is safety. It is easy to burn your client if you do not move the hand piece fast enough. It is also hard to judge where you have treated because of the swift movements, which also means you can miss areas. To use SHR, the therapist needs special training and anyone who disagrees with this si courting trouble and possible law suits.

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