League of Legends character types and skills

League of Legends has a variety and number of character that suits the skill level of every player. These have been created in such a way that a pro player and beginner both can use these characters easily. Once a character is selected by the player, and he spends some time, playing with it, the character’s skills are developed by increasing the rank. Let’s have a look at some of the Lol character types

Character types and skills

Marksman: Marksmen, are one of the most used champions in Lol. The are capable of heavy damage and can destroy turrents and enemy building. 

Mage: Mages, are a supporting character in Lol. They have magic abilities but are very slow and does not have a good defence. They have multiple capabilities, such as they can kill a single enemy with the attack or damage multiple with one single attack

Assassin:These are champions of melee attack and often kill another champion in close combat with melee attacks. They have a very weak defence but good at killing in close range.

Tank:These type of champions are very resistant to damage. They cover their team and takes very less damage. But due to this, they are very slow in mobility.

Fighter: This type of character includes the traits of all the different character and have average health.

Support: They are made as a character who help the other characters in the fight to make sure the team stands and fight until the last moment. They work as healer, debuggers, etc

Boosting services for your character types

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