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Many women judge men by shoes, and the most observant ones pay attention to their hairstyle.

how Manhattan Barbers know Indeed, hair is one of the most important components of male appearance. A neglect of such a significant part of your appearance naturally affects your hair. But timely care, on the contrary, allows you to permanently maintain a good condition of the hair, its density, shine and attractiveness. A few simple tips will help you always be on top.

First of all, do not neglect the help of special cosmetics. In addition to shampoo, which washes dust and greasy deposits from your hair, purchase a hair conditioner, the task of which is to coat the hair with a thin protective layer for easy combing, styling and long-lasting freshness.

Did you know that the production of shampoos marked “specifically for men” is not a simple advertising ploy. Despite the fact that the structure of female and male hair is the same, the upper layer of the skin in men is thicker, sebaceous and sweat glands receive stronger nutrition. Therefore, men are recommended to use special cosmetics for hair.

If you have dandruff, then it can be treated with a special shampoo that is not intended for continuous use. Such a tool can be found in any pharmacy. With baldness, such measures will not be so effective – usually hair loss is due to genetic causes, severe stressful situations and harmful ecology.

But it is not enough to use only shampoo and conditioner for great care. Pay attention to the drying hair procedure. Do not rub your hair with a towel – this leads to hair damage, and subsequently can turn into endlessly split ends. Shake off excess moisture and gently run a towel in the direction of hair growth. Do not comb wet hair. Also, permanent drying with a hairdryer can harm your hair.

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