Need For Resilience In Children

As children grow and develop, they are bound to encounter challenges in growing up along the line. Even when guided to do everything right, problems cannot be overlooked in a child’s growth process. It is imperative children are taught how to perceive these challenges as stepping stones to success and not as permanent obstacles. Children need to be trained on how to develop a resilient spirit as it is the foundation of progress and development in หลักสูตรการศึกษาปฐมวัย (which is the term in Thai). Studies have revealed that there are characteristics found in resilient children, which makes them outstanding and increases their success rate. Parents and educators need to look out for these traits and help the child harness them for development.

Characteristics: Of Resilient Children

1. Competence

Kids need to build up their level of confidence, and this does not only depend on school work. There are many ways to build up a child’s competence level. Children should be given opportunities to enhance and develop their skills. You can assign tasks from a ชุดเกมการศึกษา (which is the term in Thai) to them and compliment them when they complete them on time.


2. Confidence

The feeling of confidence is essential in helping children develop a resilient spirit. Children with high confidence levels perform well in academics activities and other areas. Children who feel confident are more likely to take up new and challenging tasks. Confident children don’t back down when they eventually fail a mission. Instead, they see it as an avenue to try out other tactics.


3. Social Connection

The level of social connection a child enjoys can also build up resilience in the child. Children who have shown resilience often share a strong bond with their friends, parents, and siblings. The feeling of protection and attention they get from their social connection gives them a sense of security, and they believe they can count on their social relationship whenever they are in need.



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