Pitfalls of the Fashion Industry

There are thousands of young people who want to make it in the fashion industry every year, but unfortunately many will be disappointed. Here we will identify some of the major pitfalls of the fashion industry and give tips on how to avoid them.

Being over confident

A lot of people may find themselves the most beautiful or talented in their class, and may grow up with a lot of praise, and be surrounded by people who tell them that they’re more beautiful than most of the supermodels out there. So it can be a nasty surprise when they enter the world of modelling and find that they are surrounded by beautiful people and are nothing special after all.

The solution to being overconfident

You need to be confident, of course, but you need to be realistic too, and ready to be humble. Don’t expect people to be falling over themselves to sign you – always be polite and grateful for any opportunities that are given – and expect to work hard to earn success.

Thinking it’s all glitz and glamour

Because of what we see on TV and in the movies and magazines, a lot of people get the impression that the fashion industry is all about glitz and glamour. That there’s Champagne and caviar every step of the way, and life is one long party. Unfortunately this is not the case. Of course there are perks to being in the fashion industry, but like any other industry there is serious work to be done.

The solution to having the wrong impression

If you’re attracted to the industry because you think it’s going to be fun every minute and an easy way to achieve fame and fortune, then you need to adjust your mind set. If that’s all you’re interested in, then it might not be the industry for you. However, if you’re genuinely committed to launching a career in fashion, then you just need to stay realistic and be prepared for the hard graft.

Post-Holiday Budget Crunch Fashion Thrift Tips

You might have realized by now that the winter holiday season is not for the faint of wallet. Between food, drinks and supplies for hosting holiday parties, gift-giving, and shopping for party outfits and cold weather gear, these holidays can outstretch the finances of even the wealthiest of merrymakers. That’s why this New Year’s season, we reached out to thin-pocketed fashion college students who are awfully good at making a little bit of cash really last. Luckily, we ended up with some great tips on how to hang on to your dollar bills in the early days of 2013 by hitting the thrift stores and being smart about what you buy.

1. Not all thrift shopping is created equally. If your post-holiday budget is stretched extremely tight, it’s important to dismiss the common misconception that all secondhand clothes shopping is inexpensive. For those of you that live in bigger cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York City, you will definitely have noticed by now that it majorly depends where you go looking if you are truly trying to find a bargain. In order to keep it extra thrifty this January, avoid smaller vintage boutiques where the staff hand-selects all of their merchandise. Instead, hit up bigger thrift warehouses like Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Sure, these places might require a little bit more time digging around to find your special treasures, but the prices are so cheap, it will be well worth the extra time.

2. Try everything but do NOT buy everything. Start your second semester of the school year at fashion colleges with a sleek and stylish late winter look. In order to accomplish this look, a great strategy is to combine any clothes (sweaters, boots, scarves, etc… ) you might have collected over Christmas and Hannukah from various gifts with some special, new thrift shop finds. Even at a super cheap second-hand clothing emporium, experienced shoppers often report that they still rack up quite a bill just off of the sheer temptation to buy too much stuff because of the reasonable prices. Avoid this temptation! Careful shoppers know that a few unique thrift accents can take your wardrobe a long way. No need to buy everything!

3. Look for unique, one-of-a-kind stuff. Most young fashion designers or designers in training at fashion schools recognize the importance of individual style. That being said, almost anybody (designer or not) would feel mortified if they walked into school, work or any other event and they were wearing the same outfit as somebody else!

Male Sexual Health Is As Important As a Man’s Beating Heart

It is no secret that people who have frequent sex live longer, healthier, and happier lives. Couples who maintain their sexual health are the usual people whose relationships last for a long time. Looking after your own sexual health is important as it can be both emotionally and physically detrimental to your well being, as well as taxing on relationships and personal confidence.

Male Sexual Health

Good male sexual health is defined as ability to perform satisfactory sexual intercourse which is satisfying to both man and his partner and enhances their overall. The key to male sexual health is an abundance of healthy sperm. Male sexual health is incredibly important to the overall health of many men, and must be taken seriously (even when it feels somewhat embarrassing to talk about).

There are numerous occupations where male sexual health is at risk and you could be employed in one of them if your job involves any of the following, organic solvents, mercury, radiation (x-ray), radioactive substances, benzene, boron, heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

Men who won’t go to the doctor about male sexual health issues let themselves suffer agonizing worry. Male sexual health is often placed at risk on account of a whole range of sexual disorders and among all the sexual problems suffered by men; erectile dysfunction is a prominent one.

Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence, or erectile dysfunction, is distressing and can occur for a number of reasons. It is both alarming and reassuring to understand that 52% of all men will suffer some degree of impotence during their lives. Impotence is a male sexual health issue that describes the inability to maintain an adequate erection for a long enough period of time to satisfy your and your partner’s sexual needs. With more than 50 percent of men over the age of 35 suffering erectile dysfunction, the age of male sexual health is well and truly upon us.

Male Sexual Wellness

Male sexual wellness can be improved by exercise and healthy living and this means a diet that is natural. If you have a good all round diet, take moderate exercise and restrict recreational drugs the above supplements will help you not only increase libido but give you all round health benefits as well. It has been found that following a male sexual health exercise plan will greatly reduce the risk of prostate cancer, bladder problems and impotence well into old age.

Nutrition and Eye Health – How Do Antioxidants Benefit Your Eye Health?

Your eyes are marvelous organs. Knowing how to care for your eyes can help to prevent cataracts, a clouding of the lens in your eyes that comes with aging. The best care you can give to your eyes is by helping your body to produce more of its master antioxidant Glutathione.

One study from the Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics showed that the cornea, lens, and retina area of the eye are especially sensitive to loss of antioxidant Glutathione, GSH.

Glutathione is your body’s master antioxidant. All cells in our bodies use Glutathione.

Your eyes get exposed to a lot of oxidative stress and damage from UV radiation of sunlight. Glutathione is used directly by the lens of your eyes to deal with this daily stress.

Let’s look at some major parts and functions of our eyes. Then let us see how the Antioxidant Glutathione can be the best nutrition for your eye health care.

Major parts and functions of the eye:

Your eye is like a very advanced camera. The function of eyes is to enable us to see things clearly at various distances and under various light conditions.

Different parts of your eyes work together in a complex way to achieve this important function. The following components of your eyes are especially susceptible to oxidative damage from sunlight.

1. Cornea
The cornea is the transparent front part of eye that covers the iris and pupil. The cornea passes light into the eye and helps your eye to focus.

2. Iris
The iris is the colored part of your eye. By making pupil larger or smaller, the iris helps to control the amount of light that enters the eye.

3. Pupil
The pupil is the dark opening in the middle of the iris. By changing size in response to the amount of light present, the pupil controls the amount of light that enters your eye.

4. Lens
The lens is the transparent part behind the iris. It helps focus light rays onto the retina.

5. Retina
The retina is the light sensitive, inner nerve layer of your eye. The retina is made up of light-sensitive cells known as cones and rods. These cells convert light into nerve signals, which are passed to your brain.

Coverage and Other Important Details of Family Health Insurance

Ones health is almost compared with weather, which is never predictable. The healthiest person may one-day cramp to such an extent that they pull an enormous demand of money and pose many economical problems to the family. So deciding on a well contributing insurance plan would always help at times of need. The two main categories of family health insurance would be as follows…

Indemnity family health insurance plans (reimbursement plans)-This would allow the user to choose their own medical practitioner
Managed care family health insurance plans -This applies to only selected medical practitioners and not mapped to every medications too.
HMO-Health Maintenance Organizations
PPO-Preferred Provider Organizations
POS-Point of Service Plans.
The coverage would include medication, drugs, treatment, diagnosis, maternity care, vision care, audio aid, mental health benefits, Hospital expenses of room bed and other accessories, surgical expenses of surgeons fees, consultation expense. These health insurance plans also offer other allowances such as co-payment for consulting doctor regularly at least monthly once, deductible amount that are spent annually on medications, coinsurance. One must consider few issues before getting into this type of insurance,

What is the waiting period of the plan you select?
Does the insurance company has good reputation?
What are the co-pay, co-insurance, deductibles on that plan?
Does the health insurance plan offer full coverage to all the family members?
Decide whom you are about to add to your group health insurance policy and enroll after deciding. This would be helpful when you decide over offers and services they provide according to the members you chose. Remember one cannot add any member just in the middle of your investment scheme exception being a newborn kid in your family. This would pose lot of complications in your health insurance plan. If you want to move away from one plan to another be sure about your families financial status and check the coping up capability. Compare various health insurance quotes made free by many insurance providing companies. This would be the best way to analyze and check out the most feasible policy. Than individual insurance, health insurance would be better at cutting cost with the widest coverage for your entire family. Always keep in mind that individual insurance favors the company and group health insurance plan favors the insured. Hence it is better to rely on family health insurance rather than individual insurance. Some of the available options for you to choose would be,

Guide to Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance is one of the most essential insurance plans for students education and medical facilities too. Education demands huge capitation fee, which would not be affordable to most of the students. Especially if it is to be completed in the most reputed university, the demand would be more. At such critical situations student health insurance plans would work well. There are two options for this,

international travel insurance
student insurance(for the country where the education is to be continued)
What so ever the health insurance plan you choose, decide it priory to be clear of the terms and condition they are applicable to.
International Travel Insurance:

This policy is generally purchased in our home country. The coverage would include,

Available medical services.
Doctors’ list
Native language speaking doctors
Expenses for your medications and other hospital fee.
Diagnosis payment.
The disadvantages of this insurance plan is that, you have to spend in your money for any disaster and later produce receipts and bills to claim your amount from the company. This would take time to be sanctioned. This is the most disrupting part of this health insurance policy.

Student insurance:

This would require the student to pay only a percentage of amounts at the medication or other diagnosis steps. This would be helpful at times where serious complications commit demanding huge sum of money.

Selecting good student health insurance plan

The serious problem that every student gets into with this plan is that after graduation they find it difficult to integrate the plan with their family plan. The three main plans that could be adopted to avoid such difficulty in integration would be,

Parents focused student health insurance plans
College-sponsored insurance plans designed for on-campus health care
Commercial student health insurance plans.
College-sponsored student health insurance plans designed for on-campus health care
This insurance plan at college would be easy to access. This includes coverage for pre-existing conditions. It also incurs very little cost. However, the problem would be that they are not available when the health complaint is outside the state where the college is situated. This would never be applicable for most serious medication problems demanding huge amount. No coverage outside US.

Do’s and Dont’s when Selling Your Business


1. Focus on running your business! Many business owners sell because they are burnt out. Therefore many essentially stop working and wait for a buyer to come along. This can really hurt your chances of selling your business. Remember, the selling process can take 6-18 months. Keep doing what made your business great.

2. Keep advertising. When selling, many business owners cut their expenses. You want to try to maximize profits during this time but advertising is not an area to cut back on. Buyers do not like to see that you eliminated all advertising when you listed the business – it casts doubt on whether or not the sales will remain at their current levels.

3. Keep your inventory stocked. Many business owners whittle their inventory down to nothing. Generally, inventory is negotiated and sold, in addition to the business. There will be time, after the business is sold, to agree on a price for your inventory and, if necessary, sell it down. You need to keep the business operating normally.

4. Focus on sales. The best time to sell is when you are having your best year ever.

5. Keep an open mind about who, how and why someone will buy your business. Buyers buy businesses for a variety of reasons. Try to keep an open mind about the deal structure. Often times being creative can make deals happen.

6. Deal with any problems. Employee, customer and vendor disputes should be dealt with before a buyer is in the picture. You do not want a viable buyer to back out because of a unresolved problem that reared it’ s head during the due diligence period.

7. Pay your taxes. This applies even if you have an extension. Buyers need financing. Lenders, many times, will need to see the last year’s tax returns before they can lend. You cannot sell your business until the buyer gets financing.

8. Pay your bills. You want your vendors happy so they want to do business with the new owner.

9. Educate yourself. I have devoted a good deal of time to my website. Use this resource and others to learn about the process of selling a business.

10. Work with a professional business intermediary. Selling a business is different then selling real estate or investments or the practice of law. Selling businesses is our business. It is a full time job and can be challenging. You and your business deserves a professional who has taken the time to learn this profession and the experience of past transactions.

3 Simple Ways To Start Your Own Business

Get Ready. Get Set.

You’re ready to start your own business, but you are really clueless as to which business would be really right for you.

It’s really about focusing on wrapping your passion and expertise into a product or service that will make a clustered niche of people go absolutely crazy.
Option One

* Create A Business Based On What You Already Know How To Do.

There are hundreds of new businesses that start each day based on someone taking what they already know how to do and creating a new business from it.

Most often these businesses are started to assist people in doing something that they either don’t know how to do, or would prefer not to do.

The bottom-line: You must identify a targeted niche that values what you bring to the table enough to pay you for it.
Review The Key To Finding Work-At-Home Business, Jobs or Ideas. It highlights that the best way to start a business based on what you already know is to find a need and then fill it.
Option Two

* Find a Direct Sales Opportunity That Piques Your Passion

Believe it or not, direct sales is one of the quickest, cheapest and easiest ways to start your own business.

According to the Direct Selling Association – THE leading authority on Direct Sales – the direct selling industry is booming.

New direct sales opportunities are new, hot and fresh — these are not your mama’s direct sales companies of yesteryear.

If the Direct Sales is your route, figure out how you will need your business to work before signing on the dotted line:
– How you will introduce your product or service to customers? – How will generate enough interest to keep customers coming back?
– What will you do to ensure that you work the business strategically enough to make a profit?

– Also, look closely at the price structure, start-up fees, and the monthly amount of sales required to stay active in your direct sales company of choice.

The bottom-line: Make sure you choose the opportunity that will enable you to attract customers and build a business that will be an ensured success.
Review Attracting Customers 101 – Make Your Business Known By Marketing A Solution That Lifts Their Burden to get a glimpse of what it takes to create a business that customers will find irresistible.

How You Can Start A Small Business Using What You Already Have – 3 Insider Tips

You have a pressing question on your mind. How can you start a small business using what you already know how to do? You often wonder whether you really have what it takes to run your own
business using the passion, expertise and skill-set that you already have.

The answer to your burning question is…”Yes, you CAN start a small business using what you already know how to do.” So let me give you a few pointers on what it takes to ensure that you can start a small business using the knowledge and passion you already possess:

It really boils down to figuring out what it is that you bring to the table that will make a niched cluster of people go absolutely crazy about what it is that you do.

In today’s world, new business ideas can come from many places. But the best way is to think about how to find a way to help some niched group of people navigate through a tough problem. For example, a lot of elderly people can no longer get to the store to purchase some of their basic things. So there are many businesses being born that either transports them to the store or some that are trying to bring the store to them. It’s those businesses that hone in on a need and relieve a few burdens that find themselves successfully sustainable and profitable.

For example, one emerging need may be to relieve a few burdens of single moms and other busy parents. Many busy parents are overwhelmed with the strain of trying to juggle a full-time job with family needs.

Some very innovative businesses are creating errand services, or child taxi services to help those single moms and other busy parents by relieving a few of their burdens. So, the first thing that you must do in starting a business would be to assess who you are and the magic you bring to the table that would help a cluster lead less stressful lives.

How to Obtain Business Credit

I’ve been teaching business credit tactics to my friends and students that need start up supplies and money for a few years, and it can really help to grow your business if used wisely.

Some of you may have seen the scam courses on TV at 3am on business credit, offering to teach you how to get a million dollars in unsecured non personal guarantor credit, well let me save you $100 and give you the crash course (and no you aren’t going to get a million dollars). Now be careful here, the credit is not in your name, it is in the name of your business, but that doesn’t mean that you can just decide not to pay it back, retail giants may make hundreds of millions, but they deserve what they are owed as much as you do, so pay your debts!.

The reason I show people this is that start ups need supplies and cash, two things they often don’t have. Add to that a great credit score, which most new entrepreneurs do not have either. I started my first business with a 450 credit score, I couldn’t get a bank loan to save my life 🙂 Hey I was 18, and I had fallen into the trap of activating all those high interest credit cards that started rolling into the mailbox on my 18th birthday. I did it the hard way, I never knew about business credit until I had an 800 credit score with a 6 figure business a few years later, and they were throwing credit cards at me, of course when I didn’t need them anymore.

These days, forming a company has never been easier, it can be done online for a couple hundred dollars in a week or two, or you can pick up the paperwork from your local state office and submit it yourself with about $100 which varies by state by a few dollars.

Business credit, for those of you that don’t know, is credit given in the name of your business (makes sense right), and it often times can be non-personal guarantor, meaning that you do not give your social security number for approval, you give your employer identification number also known as the tax id which is your businesses social security number.

Now, I strongly suggest that every one of you is a registered company regardless if you are full or part time. You are missing out on piles of money and paying super high taxes if you are not treating your business as a business. Even if this is a hobby for you, you can be taking advantage of huge tax breaks and write offs.

I’ve read hundreds of business and marketing books over the last 14 years, before I was even in business, just dreaming about it as a teenager. Out of hundreds of authors that preach the gospel of business Robert Kiyosaki is hands down the best read about why you should be a business regardless if you feel you are a business or not.