Tourism Of The 21st Century: Meet The New Mentality Of The Traveler

Today’s tourism has changed considerably compared to what we saw 20 years ago or even 10 years ago. It is a sector that is constantly changing, and those who are dedicated to it have to be proactive and try to get ahead of it.

The important thing is to know what the tourist thinks, what that new consumer wants when traveling so that you can meet his needs and be faithful to all the options you can offer him.

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The Quality Perceived By Customers

The Internet has become a great tool to connect consumers around the world. Now with the forums and reviews, you can see in a moment if a site is worth it or not. This gives us the possibility of being able to get a real idea of what we are going to perceive when, for example, to book accommodation or another. These tools are useful for real clients of tourism companies to comment on their experience, and that is why they have gained great importance in recent years and can even position tourist services for their comments.

The Importance Of The Experience

The traveler hopes to achieve experiences that are unique, such as a chinatown tour. It is not so much to travel and see different things, but also, that trip brings you something new and that all the activities you do are made for you. In the end, it is about intangible elements such as emotions and sensations.

Real-Time And Updated Information

As we have already mentioned, the Internet is a wonderful tool and therefore not only has it connected us all, but it has also given us the possibility to search for all kinds of information about the destination that we are going to visit and the activities that we can do there. Therefore, having tools developed correctly to carry out the objectives of relational marketing will make travelers see the destination as competitive.

Good Sales Promotion

Here we can talk, for example, about those companies that make contests or raffles to capture the attention of potential customers or even those who are already faithful to your service. Likewise, interacting in real-time with travelers, among other things, will cause the closest environment of travelers to know the destination first hand and generate greater confidence when choosing to visit one destination or another.

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