Warning Signs For Car Service

There are signs which your car will give that do not need ignoring while driving else it will lead to more severe problems. Vehicles need to be maintained and serviced from time to time to ensure smooth running on the road. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines, there is several mileage a car will need to be serviced after travelling.  In this article, we shall discuss some severe warning signs which interpret that your vehicle needs servicing or your vehicle is at risk of a Car backlog (รถค้างค่างวด, which is the term in Thai).

 Engine warning light

For most modern cars, when you check out your dashboard, the yellow check engine light shows you when your vehicle needs to be checked. Some older cars have a service light that blinks when the car is due for service. This light takes the shape of a spanner, telling you that you need to visit the mechanic as soon as you can.

 Strange noises

When your vehicle begins to make unusual noises, it might be as a result of some faults developed while in use. It sounds like the winning under your bonnet might be caused by a loose belt which can cause other problems such as overheating. Different sounds like crunching gears, squealing when you step on the break, loud exhaust noise, all indicate that your car needs servicing.

 Smoke coming from under the bonnet

When smoke or steam comes out from your bonnet, it might be as a result of overheating. An overheating occurs when there is a problem in the radiator. When this happens, steam comes out from the bonnet of your car. You need to take your vehicle to the nearest mechanic as soon as possible.

Vibrating  under braking

Worn out brake disc and brake pads can cause a vibrating or pulling under your break. It is never safe for a driver to drive with failed brakes. It is not a safe way to operate with failed brakes, so endeavour to get your car fixed as soon as possible.

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