Ways and Reasons To Teach Your Employees To Eat Healthy Food

People say that health is wealth — and it certainly is, for all the right reasons. Leading a healthy life will prevent you from shelling out money for costly medications. And if you own a business, having a roster of healthy and fit employees can significantly increase productivity, helping you drive your profits up.

Like what caterers northern VA can attest, more and more employers are now joining the movement of helping their workers live and sustain a healthy lifestyle. One way of doing so is by teaching them how to eat nutritious food.

Why Start a Healthy-Eating Culture

What people eat greatly affects their cognitive skills, energy, and stamina. Did you know that studies have found out that employees with unhealthy eating habits are 66 percent more likely to be less productive in their work?

With all the stresses and demands required by any type of work, it is only important to opt for nutritional choices that can positively impact an employee’s health in several aspects — physically and mentally.

Ways to Teach Employees to Eat Healthily

Promoting wellness among your employees can’t be done overnight. It requires quite the dedication and perseverance to accomplish this rather noble goal. From proper education to tapping the right caterers northern VA, here are some ways how you can teach your workers to eat healthy food.

Inform your employees about the campaign. Like in any other project or endeavor of your company, proper communication plays a vital role. If you want to help all your employees to lead a healthy life, they should be informed about the campaign. Utilize your human resources department to disseminate information.

Offer healthy snack alternatives. Most office pantries feature sugary and fatty snacks to help keep workers at bay. What you can do is to replace these snacks with healthier alternatives like almonds and protein bars.

Put emphasis on staying hydrated. Instead of carbonated drinks and juices, encourage your employees to drink water instead to quench their thirst. Invest in water fountains and dispensers and make sure all your offices and departments have an ample supply of clean, potable water.

Serve nutritious meals during catered company events. Many caterers northern VA are now more involved in offering healthy meals to companies. When you’re hosting catered company events, choose a caterer that is open and creative when it comes to offering delectable foods with high nutritional value.

Give them proper breaks. One major reason why employees do stress-eating is the lack of proper breaks. To ensure your workers eat proper food at the proper time, allocate breaks and encourage them to take their meals in the proper areas — like pantries and canteens, instead of their desks.

Incentivize. Once in a while, offer healthy eating challenges and reward those who will accomplish these tasks. These challenges can include going a week without eating or drinking something sweet or shedding off the most weight by eating healthily.

Provide educational resources. Last but not the least, you should hand out informative materials that can explain the importance of wellness. You can even regularly share healthy recipes your employees can try at home.

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